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Full Test
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Full Test
Practise full driving knowledge tests before your dkt Test. It covers all DKT sections and helps you to pass the test in one go. All practice questions are multiple choice and will challenge your knowledge of the road rules. There are 6 set of 45 questions which is similar to actual DKT quiz.
All Questions
All Questions
Practise all driving knowledge question in one go. It covers all DKT sections and helps you to pass the test in first attempt. It has 350+ multiple choice questions which covers all posibility to pass the dkt test.
dkt all practise questions at one place
Topic Related Questions
General Knowledge
It covers all concepts for safe car driving which incluses signs, speed limits, intersections and road rules.
Alcohol and Drugs
Don't drink and drive. Here is all information for driving after using alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs.
Bicycle Safety
Share road with Bicycle riders with safety. Understand all rules and laws related to bicycle safety.
Defensive Driving
Stay alert behind the wheel and drive safely by following laws, rules and guidelines.
Understand important traffic signs, give way rules and road position at intersections.
Traffic Lights/ Lanes
Understand different traffic lights at signals with correct use of lanes with merging rules.
Negligent Driving
Every second on the road needs your attention. Avoid negligent driving on road.
Understand all rules related to pedestrians.
Seat Belts/Restraints
Its important to follow seat belt rules to prevent fines.
Speed Limits
Limit your speed according to different driving conditions.
Traffic Signs
Understand traffic and warning signs on the road for safe driving skill.