How to pass DKT test in the first attempt with Practice test?

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Practice Point is a Platform which helps to pass Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) in first attempt with our DKT Practice Test. It helps to clear your DKT Test seamlessly with flying colors. Our experts have designed the DKT practice tests so that you will cover all topics which may come in the actual DKT Test. You can practice DKT test in three different ways:

  1. Section wise DKT Practice Test
  2. All DKT Practice questions in one test
  3. Full Practice test of 45 DKT questions

Our DKT Practice Test:

  1. Our DKT Practice tests are similar to the actual DKT test
  2. We have 6 full DKT Practice tests which are similar to actual DKT test
  3. All DKT practice tests are randomly generated - different each time you try
  4. All DKT practice test has a 91% pass mark
  5. DKT practice tests designed to practice individual sections or full tests or all questions together which covers all DKT practice test questions that you can expect.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions for DKT Test

1. What happens when I reach the Service center for the DKT test?
Once you reach the Service center, you should take a token slip. Please note the number in the slip, it will flash on the screens when it's your turn to go to the help desk. Executive will check your documents i.e. photo id, DKT filled form, DKT booking details etc. Once everything is verified successfully, they will instruct you to sit for the exam.

2. What documents do I need to carry at the Service center for the DKT test?
Please carry the required documents before you leave for the DKT test:

  1. Photo Id (such as passport)
  2. DKT Licence application form (form is available at the center free of cost, you can fill at the center)
  3. DKT test booking detail
  4. Payment source for learner license, cash or card (gift cards are not acceptable)
  5. Concession card or medical report or glasses/ contact lenses (if any applicable)
  6. Foreign driving license or foreign driving license extract (if applicable)
Please refer here for more information.

3. What can I expect in the DKT test?
DKT test is a computer based exam to test theoretical knowledge of road and traffic rules. There will be 45 DKT questions in the test. It covers a variety of questions for general knowledge and road safety. You should read the question carefully before answering it.

4. How many questions will come in the DKT test?
There will be 45 DKT questions in the test. The test selects random questions from the fixed question bank.

The test includes:
1. 30 road safety DKT questions (at least 29 DKT questions should be correct)
2. 15 general knowledge DKT questions (at least 12 DKT question should be correct)

The DKT test will end immediately if you:
1. Attempt 4 wrong questions in the general knowledge section
2. Attempt 2 wrong questions in the road safety section
3. Caught while cheating from mobile or any other source

5. How can I pass the DKT test in the first attempt with practice point?
You can pass the DKT test in first attempt by simile following few things:

  1. Understand the format of the dKT test with out DKT practice test
    There will be 45 DKT questions in the test out of 350+ questions. It will be divided into two sections: 1. General knowledge DKT questions - 15 questions and 2. Road safety DKT questions -30 questions. You need to answer correctly (29 out of 30 in road safety section and 12 out of 15 in the general knowledge section) in both sections to pass the DKT test.

  2. Read the Road user handbook
    Road user handbook is very important to understand some concepts like speed limits, signs and blind spots. Please find the user handbook pdf available here.

  3. Online Practice dkt tests:
    We have created out of the box dkt practice test sets considering the users preferences. We have a variety of tests available which users can use to practice for the DKT test. Some of the highlights:
    1. Section wise DKT practice test
      We understand the road safety section covers 30 questions of the DKT test, so we have added the section wise question. All sections have been divided into 20 DKT test question sets which adapt users' busy daily schedule.
    2. All questions in one DKT practice test
      We have introduced all questions in one go test based on the question bank. It helps to cover all dkt practice questions in one place. It is recommended to cover all questions before you appear for the DKT test.
    3. Full DKT test with 45 DKT practice questions
      We have simulated the DKT practice test which is close to the actual DKT test that you may encounter at the center. We have 6 sets of 45 questions which give you enough practice to pass the DKT test in the first attempt. We recommend you to practice this section a few days before your actual DKT test date.

  4. Read the questions from all questions bank
    Users can refer to all available questions from the question bank. Its full list which covers the 45 DKT questions which you may find in your DKT test. Please find the question bank section here.

  5. Observe the vehicles and scenarios when you go out.
    It is always advisable to observe the traffic rules and the practice on the road when you go out. You can observe the drivers parking their car at the curb, how to head check before taking any turn, traffic lights and traffic movements. It helps to understand theoretical concepts in the real world which is very important for the DKT test.

6. Where can I register for the DKT test?
Once you have decided to appear for the DKT test, you should book your test. If you try to book after your preparation you may not get the desired date and slots due to high demand. You need to pay for the test, please check the test fee.
Book your driving test.

7. Can I reschedule or cancel my DKT test?
Yes, you can reschedule or cancel the DKT exam before 24 hours of the scheduled test. Please read more about the update or cancellation the DKT exam.

8. What happens after I complete the DKT test?
Once you are done with all 45 DKT questions, you need to inform the help desk person. They will check their system and inform you of the result.

9. What is the next step if I passed or failed the DKT test?
You are nearly done with the DKT test, now it's time to face the truth whether you passed or failed. Help desk person will inform you of the result. If you have passed the DKT test, they will ask you to stay for some time to complete the formalities to issue a learner driving license, like photo shoot, payment, learner license printing and receipt printing. If unfortunately you have failed the DKT test, they will inform you with the result. You can schedule the next DKT test after 14 days.

10. Can I book my driving test date after I pass DKT test?
Yes, you can schedule your driving test date after passing DKT test. You can book at the same service help desk or book it online here.

Full Test with 45 DKT practice question

45 dkt practice test questions
Full Test with 45 DKT questions
Practice our 6 full DKT practice tests before your actual dkt Test. It covers all DKT sections and helps you to pass the test in one go. All practice questions are multiple choice and will challenge your knowledge of the road rules. There are 6 set of 45 DKT questions which is similar to actual DKT quiz.

All Questions in one DKT practice test

All Questions in one DKT practice test
Practice all driving knowledge question in one go with our DKT practice test. It covers all DKT questions from the question bank that helps you to practice all questions in a single attempt. It has 350+ multiple choice questions which covers all possibility to pass the dkt test.
dkt questions from DKT question bank at one place

Sectionwise DKT Practice Questions

General Knowledge
It covers all concepts for safe car driving which includes signs, speed limits, intersections and road rules.
Alcohol and Drugs
Don't drink and drive. Here is all information for driving after using alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs.
Bicycle Safety
Share road with Bicycle riders with safety. Understand all rules and laws related to bicycle safety.
Defensive Driving
Stay alert behind the wheel and drive safely by following laws, rules and guidelines.
Understand important traffic signs, give way rules and road position at intersections.
Traffic Lights/ Lanes
Understand different traffic lights at signals with correct use of lanes with merging rules.
Negligent Driving
Every second on the road needs your attention. Avoid negligent driving on road.
Understand all rules related to pedestrians.
Seat Belts/Restraints
Its important to follow seat belt rules to prevent fines.
Speed Limits
Limit your speed according to different driving conditions.
Traffic Signs
Understand traffic and warning signs on the road for safe driving skill.


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